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Flintstones Buggy Adventure!

The Flintstones Buggy Adventure is a (dune) buggy excursion in the area of Bavaro/Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic.

Unlike other buggy excursion we are 100% non-commercial and ECO-friendly; the electricity for our ranch as well as our caves is supplied by solar-panels and wind-energy.
Our buggies are developed, adapted and produced to our specific route to make sure we have the best and most reliable buggies for our guests.

We do our adventures with small groups which means an average of approximately 10 buggies, this way we can provide you with optimal service and information during our excursion.

We distinguish ourselves from other buggy-excursions by:
- individual small groups (average of approx. 10buggies)
- only off road, no usage of public road
- we are not commercially involved with shopping- and souvenirshops
- we are eco-friendly; we produce our own electricity
- we have the exclusive right for our guests to the use of our caves
- we are located at 2km from the centre of Bavaro, which minimizes transportation-time from the hotel to our ranch.

Have a nice vacation and enjoy our unique excursion!

Flintstones Buggy Adventure Team

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What People Say

Had a blast! Will do it again ! Love the 1 million year old cave and the real people we met in the town! The best coffee made by Francesca! Also had a great tour guide big thanks to Martin! This excursion is worth every penny!

Jay Fifth

One of the best tours we have ever done. Roland and his team were awesome. I was laughing so hard I had trouble catching my breath thru my soaked bandanna! Wear old clothes and bring a bandanna and goggles or cheap glasses. Chances are pretty good you will get covered in mud.

Kelly Dougherty Lewis

We had a great experience with Roland and team! If you are going to do a buggy adventure, you will not be disappointed with this company. You’ll make a lifetime memory! Gabrielle takes great photos so you can capture some of those wonderful moments! Thanks guys!

Felita Allen

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